GoCardless Embed

Adding a creditor bank account

In this step of the GoCardless Embed guide you will create a creditor bank account for the creditor you created in the previous step.

The creditor bank account is where GoCardless will settle the funds we collect from the creditor's payers. This bank account must be controlled by you and not be the merchant's bank account. GoCardless will only pay out once we have verified you control the bank account. You should add a creditor bank account for each currency you collect so GoCardless can pay out in that currency.

POST /creditor_bank_accounts

You can create a creditor bank account by performing a POST request to the /creditor_bank_accounts endpoint.

The required parameters depend on the country. For a French bank account they are:




The country that the bank account is registered in, as a ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.


ISO 4217 currency code. Currently EUR, GBP, and USD are supported for the GoCardless Embed product.


Name of the account holder, as known by the bank. This must be an account owned by you and not the merchant.


International Bank Account Number. Alternatively you can provide local details.


The ID of the creditor whose payments should be paid out to this account.

Examples of how to make this request using the GoCardless client libraries:

1POST https://api.gocardless.com/creditor_bank_accounts HTTP/1.1 2Content-Type: application/json 3{ 4 "creditor_bank_accounts": { 5 "account_number": "55779911", 6 "branch_code": "200000", 7 "country_code": "GB", 8 "account_holder_name": "Nude Wines", 9 "links": { 10 "creditor": "CR123" 11 } 12 } 13} 14 15HTTP/1.1 201 Created 16Location: /creditor_bank_accounts/BA123 17Content-Type: application/json 18{ 19 "creditor_bank_accounts": { 20 "id": "BA123", 21 "created_at": "2014-05-27T12:43:17.000Z", 22 "account_holder_name": "Nude Wines", 23 "account_number_ending": "11", 24 "account_type": null, 25 "country_code": "GB", 26 "currency": "GBP", 27 "bank_name": "BARCLAYS BANK PLC", 28 "enabled": true, 29 "verification_status": "pending", 30 "links": { 31 "creditor": "CR123" 32 } 33 } 34}

For more details, see the API reference docs for creating creditor bank accounts.

Verify your bank account

Once you have added a creditor bank account, you will see that the bank account verification_status will be in pending state. You will receive an email with details about how to verify your bank account which requires you to make a verification payment to us. You must verify your bank account in order to start receiving payouts.

Once you have submitted the verification payment, you can check on the verification progress via the GET /creditor_bank_accounts/BA123 API.

The verification_status will move to in_review state while we verify your account. Once your bank account has been verified, the verification_status will be in successful state and you will be able to start receiving payouts to that bank account.

What's next?

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