CLI Reference

gc trigger

Trigger an event


Trigger a specific event. Events triggered with this command will create all other necessary webhooks and objects required to successfully create the triggered event. You can provide a resource id along with this event if you choose to limit how many objects are autogenerated. This way the provided resource can be used in the trigger process without a new one having to be created


# trigger a mandate_activated event without params - this autogenerates all objects required for mandate activation gc trigger mandate_activated # trigger a mandate activated event with a customer id - this triggers a mandate activated event for the specified customer gc trigger mandate_activated customer=customer_id # trigger a payment_confirmed event with a mandate id - this triggers a payment confirmed event for the specified mandate gc trigger payment_confirmed mandate=MA00192829


--billing_request string A billing request resource --customer string A customer resource -h, --help help for trigger --mandate string A mandate resource --payment string A payment resource

Options inherited from parent commands

--config string config file (default is $HOME/.gc-cli/config.json)


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