GoCardless Embed

Creating a creditor

In this step of the GoCardless Embed guide you will create a creditor to represent one of your merchants.

By having a creditor for each merchant you will be able to pay out separately for each creditor, customise the beneficiary name the payer sees, and perform reconciliation on a per-merchant basis.

POST /creditors

You can create a creditor by performing a POST request to the /creditors endpoint. The required parameters are:




The trading name of the creditor.


The type of business of the creditor. One of: individual, company, charity, partnership, and trust.


The country that the creditor is registered in, as a ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.

Examples of how to make this request using the GoCardless client libraries:

1POST https://api.gocardless.com/creditors HTTP/1.1 2Content-Type: application/json 3{ 4 "creditors": { 5 "name": "Example Ltd", 6 "country_code": "GB", 7 "creditor_type": "company" 8 } 9} 10 11HTTP/1.1 201 Created 12Location: /creditors/CR123 13Content-Type: application/json 14{ 15 "creditors": { 16 "id": "CR123", 17 "created_at": "2017-02-16T12:34:56.000Z", 18 "name": "Example Ltd", 19 "creditor_type": "company", 20 "country_code": "GB", 21 ... 22 } 23}

The API will respond with a creditor object containing a creditor ID starting with 'CR'. This ID will be used in subsequent steps.

For more details, see the API reference docs for this endpoint.

What's next?

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