Products: Success+ (Intelligent Retries)


How do I enable Success+?

To start using Success+, add retry_if_possible:true to all of your create payment, subscription and instalment schedule requests. This will mean that any eligible payments will be intelligently retried. Note that a merchant’s payments will only be eligible if they have enabled Success+ in the GoCardless dashboard.

How do I know which payments will be retried?

There are a number of criteria which determine whether a payment will be retried. Some of these are dynamic: i.e. when our model looks for a date to retry, it may consider that there is no appropriate date. This means you cannot predict which payments will be intelligently retried. Instead, you can use the will_attempt_retry flag which is on the payment:failed event. If this flag is set to true, then the payment will be intelligently retried. If not, then it is safe for you to retry the payment.

What do I do if a payment is going to be retried?

After any payment:failed event with will_attempt_retry:true, we will send a payment:resubmission_requested event. When you receive this event, you should call get payment to get the updated payment, including the new charge_date. You can treat this exactly the same as a manual user-triggered retry - the payment will be re-attempted on the new charge_date and will go through the normal payment flow. If you already support payment retries, there should be very limited work involved here.

What do I do if I don’t want a payment to be retried?

Sometimes, there may be a situation where a merchant wants to cancel a payment, but it is already in a submitted state. In this case, we recommend you call update payment with retry_if_possible:false. This means that, while the initial payment will still continue, it will not be automatically retried.

How do merchants enable and configure Success+?

Merchants should be directed to the GoCardless dashboard, to the link This will allow them to enable and configure Success+.

What should I show the merchant?

  • Show the merchant how many times a payment has been retried (by keeping an attempt count)

  • Show the merchant the charge date of the current payment

  • Show the merchant how to get to the GoCardless dashboard to enable and configure Success+

What should I not show the merchant?

  • Don’t show a ‘Retry’ button when a payment is going to be intelligently retried - this action will fail in GoCardless and confuse the merchant.

How do I find out more?

Visit the API Reference for Success+ here.

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