Billing Requests: PayTo Agreements and Payments

PayTo Agreements and Payments

PayTo is a new, efficient way to initiate real-time payments from customers’ bank accounts in Australia. GoCardless has implemented PayTo within Billing Requests to enable two key payments use cases:

  1. Setting up an open mandate with your customer

  2. Taking one-off real-time payments

A note on definitions: PayTo uses the term “agreement” to refer to the contract between the GoCardless customer and the end-customer. This concept matches that of the “mandate” so, for consistency, we use this term in the API and documentation instead. Please be aware that the terms are synonymous and that the end-customer will see the term “agreement” in the payment flow.

What the customer will see


The PayTo agreement/mandate has now been created and is ready to create payments against. The Billing Request is fulfilled, and cannot be modified.

What’s next?

Responding to Billing Requests events

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Billing Request overview

First instant payment with mandate Direct Debit set up

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